Every fabric has some value, even old knickers! Much better that they’re chopped up as cleaning cloths instead of releasing CO² as they decompose in landfill. So make a promise never to throw any fabric into the bin and put it in your nearest clothes bank instead. There are usually clothes banks at most supermarket and other recycling sites.

There is now a new app called Impact Fashion that will help you find your nearest clothes bank or collector.

You could also try reGAIN, a new app which enables you to drop unwanted clothes at pick up points near to you in exchange for vouchers for clothes, travel and homewares.

We’re working on some Love Not Landfill clothes banks which will be launching soon on a London street near you. Pop back soon for more info…

  • When your old clothes go into a clothes bank they are sorted and sent across the world. Ever wondered who might wear them next? If you’re lucky enough to live near one of our Love Not Landfill clothes banks you could find out. #messageinapocket.
  • Write a note telling the next owner about the item of clothing, such as why you bought it and why you’re donating it. Add and #messageinapocket.
  • Put it in the pocket and into a Love Not Landfill clothes bank – locations around London – Map coming soon.
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    and #messageinapocket and #lovenotlandfill to see who gets back in touch!