A free and brilliant way to clear out some space and refresh your wardrobe with some new clothes.


Find a venue

  • A table at school or in the office.
  • Your front room.
  • A hall or community centre if you’re going big.


Promote, promote, promote

  • Posters, social media, just telling everyone about what you’re up to, why you’re doing it and why it’s a brilliant idea for them to get involved.


Give all the info

  • Make sure people know to bring good quality, clean clothes.
  • Plan your set up and whether you want them to hang clothes or not.
  • Be clear on whether they can swap shoes as well or other items.
  • Let everyone know what will happen to clothes left behind – which charity they’ll go to for example.


Set up

  • Organise the clothes as best you can so people can easily see what’s available and they can move around tables and rails.
  • Have a full length mirror somewhere.
  • Set up a changing area.
  • Play some music.
  • Hand out snacks and drinks.
  • After the swap take the clothes to charity or save for the next event.


Go here for more info on clothes swapping.