#LoveNotLandfill swap shop with Vegan Days

The #LoveNotLandfill x Vegan days swap shop hosted as part of the first ever Vegan Nights weekend-long event at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane on Saturday 3rd August 2019.

Times are changing! People are starting to care about how their fashion habits affect the planet and events like this prove that. 38 million items are bought in the UK each year, 11 million of which end up in landfill*. These are statisics that we’re on a mission to reduce!

Whats more, £30 billion worth of clothes are currently sat in our wardrobes and so swapping is a fantastic way to help enusre these don’t go to waste.

So, how did we do? Well..

We managed to save a whopping 661 items from landfill and even better, 382 of those were re-homed! 

Those are number that make us extremely happy. Thank you so much to everyone who came to visit us and we hope that each and every single one of you love the pieces you found for a very, very long time!



*Based on figures from the WRAP Valuing Our Clothes report, July 2017

#LoveNotLandfill pop up shop supported by Depop

The #LoveNotLandfill pop-up supported by Depop was hosted on Newburgh St, London W1 – in the heart of Carnaby, one of the world’s most recognised fashion hubs from 17th – 21st July 2019.

As we face a climate emergency, and high street fashion is hit by online shopping, we wanted to support cult fashion marketplace app Depop to create a more meaningful relationship between sellers, customers and clothes.  The aim was to reduce waste and helpmore young people realise that second-hand is affordable, unique and better for the planet than buying everything new.

Depop sellers involved:

Thursday and Friday:

Saturday and Sunday:

We also hosted a Small Change Big Difference workshop on the Sunday monring which involed making plant-based goodies such as smoothies and energy balls which went down a treat!

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us and support the wonderful sellers listed above. We had an absolute blast and hope you did, too!

#LoveNotLandfill swap & screen for #CEWEEKLDN

For Circular Economy Week London (a week of events, activities and workshops to showcase and celebrate resource efficiency in the capital), we decided to host our first ever #LoveNotLandfill swaap & screen!

The evening saw guests bring clothes they no longer want, watch a screening of the fantastic and insightful Stacey Dooley  Investigates: Fashion’s Dirty Secrets and go home with new items to love.

In total we re-homed over 150 items from landfill in just one evening which is amazing!

We hope everyone that came had as much fun as we did and can’t wait to host the next one hopefully very soon!


#LoveNotLandfill De-Haul for Fashion Revolution

For Fashion Revolution Week (22nd – 28th April), we at Love Not Landfill wanted to push the idea of the fashion #dehaul; taking unwanted items to a Bambi Clothes Bank, to encourage fast fashion lovers to slow down, repair, reuse and recycle.

Steps to #dehaul:

  1. Go through your wardrobe and clear out
  2. Create swap, sell, and donate piles
  3. Take the donate pile a #LoveNotLandfill clothes bank
  4. Share using the hashtags #LoveNotLandfill and #Dehaul and tag us @lovenotlandfill

The event was a massie success, a full bank was emptied a week prior to the event after being in location at Spitalfields marekt for just 6 days and another on the day on the event (26th April). That’s a total of 136kg saved from landfill and approximately 340 items saved from landfill!

A big thank you to Venetia Falconer and Adeola Patronne for their involvement and supportring us along the way!

#LoveNotLandfill x Contiki holiday clothes swap

Our event with Contiki was London’s First Holiday Wardrobe Clothes Swap and saved 1,700 Garments from Landfill, and Over 900 Items Find Second Life with Loving New Homes!

The event featured a panel discussion with sustainable fashion advocates including Carry Somers (Fashion Revolution), Agatha Lintott (Antibad), freelance journalist and author, Anna Hart and podcast host and influencer Venetia Falconer. Hosted by Chloe Street, Senior Fashion Writer at standard.co.uk, the panellists shared some insights into how everyone can make small steps to a more sustainable wardrobe:

Carry Somers encouraged the audience to “Ask #whomademyclothes?” and to “hold brands to account – our voice is powerful”

Venetia Falconer advised: “Always think about how much you really love something, can you see it being in your wardrobe for years, don’t get caught up in the hysteria of the high street. Do you really, really need that piece of clothing?”

Agatha Lintott, founder of Antibad suggests looking at clothing labels: “it’s amazing what you learn, and sometimes what you don’t learn from labels. Look at material compositions and aim for natural materials.” In terms of a holiday wardrobe solution, Agatha suggested “if you’re travelling with friends, swap clothes with them whilst on holiday, save space and double your wardrobe!”

Anna Hart urged the audience to “stop buying shoes we can’t walk in! The cost per wear is too high, environmentally and financially speaking.”

A massive thank you to everyone that came along and donated.

Stay tuned for the next swap shop, rest assured there will be another!

#LoveNotLandfill pop up shop 2018

Thanks to all everyone involved and that came and supported us on our first ever pop up shop at Old Truman Brewery on 8th-11th Novemeber 2018! We couldn’t have been more delighted about the reactiion it recieved.

Stylist, Emma Slade Edmondson and her team, helped us bring too life our vision and proved that second hand fashion is not sedcond best.

Charities Barnado’s, TRAID, Oxfam and Trinity Hospice paired but with influencers Confetti Crowd, Paloma in Disguise, Lizzie Loves and Jasmine Hemsley retrospectively to curate the best collections London’s ever seen! We could not have done it without their passion and drive to support our cause!




Thanks to all the fashionista’s, vintage hunters and sustainable fashion enthusiasts who brought clothes to swap at LM Barry Textile Recyclers in East London on the 24th April.

Stylist, Emma Slade Edmondson and her team, helped us pick out some of the most amazing designer and vintage pieces and everyone went home with new clothes they’ll love forever. And Katie Jones, upcycler extraordinaire, chopped, stitched and had hundreds of clever ideas for customising and make the most of the clothes we discovered.